Who are we ?

Since the 2015 refugee crisis, the Migration, au-delà des préjugés (MADP) project has brought together volunteers, guided by the ULB Engagée ASBL and the Jagora (CJD) ASBL, for the purpose of developing workshop tools for youth.  

These pedagogical tools are brought to young people through workshops in secondary schools, in youth and neighborhood centers, and to specific events. They aim to spark debates by incorporating scientific data so that those involved can knowledgeably decipher the issues of migration.  

All our activities are realized by volunteers, some of whom are ULB students, researchers, and professors.  

How can I participate as a volunteer? 

Does the topic of migration interest you? Do you want to invest in a meaningful project, develop new skills, and meet new people at your university as well as in the nonprofit and educational sector? 

Then participate in Migration au-delà des préjugés as a volunteer! 

Your role ? Be an animator in schools and youth centers to deconstruct the prejudices of migration. The team will first train you, and then accompany you into the field to help you develop your skills.  

What do I get out of volunteering? 

Volunteering mobilizes you to address a modern issue according to your availability and means. It also develops new skills: training in specific techniques, being an animator, teamwork, and public speaking. Your engagement supports and benefits something greater.  

An intervention in your school/youth center? 

Any secondary school or youth center can contact us for a workshop in their establishment. We are freely available in the Brussels and Wallonia regions. All you have to do is set up a meeting with one of the project coordinators: we will reflect on the theme that you wish to discuss, choose a date, and it’s set! 

Go further

Do you want to challenge your beliefs and ideas of migration? 

The web-documentary, “Migration, au-delà des préjugés,” is an online platform, freely accessible at www.migration-prejuges.eu (you just need to create an account in order to track your progress and win points !) 

This web-documentary takes the form of 4 episodes, created for people aged 15 to 25. 

Through these episodes, the viewer is led to deconstruct their ideas of migration through games, pedagogical videos, videos of experts, and testimonies, as well as an online discussion forum. With the help of different forms of media – sound, video, images (comics, pictures, etc.), etc. – as well as with different pedagogical activities, the web-documentary promotes a digital learning process both fun and participatory, which can be done individually or in a group.  


Information booklet or email prejuges@ulb.be 

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