Promotion of Student Civic Engagement

Project VEEC emphasizes student civic engagement and its promotion. 


The primary mission of VEEC is to encourage students to become active citizens and agents of solidarity by providing them with training and guidance, as well as nurturing and enhancing their civic actions.  

Our goal is to help an ever-greater number of students in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to become engaged citizens.  

Three specific objectives

  • Develop citizenship training and offer it as an institutional mechanism for enhancing civic engagement 
  • Guide student civic engagement by facilitating the meeting of supply and demand and by supporting student-led projects 
  • Recognize and promote societal engagement action created by the university community to mobilize students 

Activity reports

Activity report – 2019 

Activity report – 2020  


Study about promotion of student civic engagement in FWB, in collaboration with Schola ULB – 2021

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